Crypto Mining and Farming

When people think of crypto mining they immediately think of Bitcoin and see the press on how much power Bitcoin mining consumes. What you don’t hear so much about is the other crypto currencies that can still be mined with a lot more efficiency. Here at FlexiMiners we do not get involved in Bitcoin mining whatsoever, what we do get involved in is mining and farming of coins such as Ethereum, RavenCoin and Chia to name a few. There are hundreds of coins that can be mined / farmed.

The return you get trying to mine Bitcoin is relatively low in comparison to GPU mining something like Ethereum. Also when farming Chia the energy costs are even lower still.

At FlexiMiners we continue to develop and invest in new, better and more efficient ways of mining and farming in order to offer the best ROI for you, our customers. We are also the UK leaders in developing Chia (XCH) Farming platforms which is not based around GPU Mining, but a new form of proof. This is referred to as Proof of Space and Time (PoST).