Rackmountable 24 Disk CHIA (XCH) and Altcoins Farmer – Fully Plotted


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Our self contained 24 disk farmer, fully plotted ready to farm, all pre-configured.

Intel Xeon Gen 3 Scalable CPU
128GB DDR4 ECC Memory
24x 18TB or 20TB Drives
Dual Redundant Power Supplies
Dual Gigabit Ethernet adapters
M.2 240GB Boot Device
1.92TB SSD for Blockchain DB Storage

Based on 18TB Disks, this will provide 3936 Plots (k32)
Based on 20TB Disks, this will provide 4368 Plots (k32)

Farmer will be configured to farm: CHIA (XCH), Apple (APPLE), BPX (BPX), Cactus (CAC), Chinilla (HCX), Flax (XFX), Little Lambo Coin (LLC), Mint (XKM), Pipscoin (PIPS), SHIBGreen (XSHIB), Staicoin (STAI), StorCoin (STOR), Taco (XTX), Wheat (WHEAT)

432TB Diskfarmer Front Bezel

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24x18TB Disks, 24x20TB Disks


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