Frequently Askesd Question About Mining and Farming

Below is the most common questions we get asked about mining or farming crypto currencies

This is a very loaded question that has a couple of major factors that influence that, the first factor is coin price, the value of the coin you mine changes by the minute, so if the value goes up, then when you mine is essentially worth more, but the opposite can happen also.<br /><br />The second variable is the difficulty level of the coin you wish to mine, as well as how many miners are mining the same coin, this can affect how many shares you find during mining.

You can use many operating systems for mining, Windows, Linux, MAC OS, however in our experience we have found that Linux offers the best hashrates, this is mainly due to the more simplified drivers in Linux versus Windows. In all of our GPU mining rigs we use SimpleMining OS whihc is a Ubuntu distribution with all the GPU mining software built in.

It is usually your responsibility to manage your rig under your own SimpleMining account, however we do offer a service where we can manage your rig under our own SimpleMining account, we just expect you to give us 24 hours notice to change to an alternative coin for mining etc.

Mining crypto requires high powered computational resources, this is where GPUs are really good as the GPU can solve mathematical skills much faster than a CPU due to the amount of cores and difference in the GPU architecture.<br /><br />Farming uses disk space to store plots where you farm the plots to find an answer to a question on the blockchain as fast as possible, so the more storage you have the better chance you will find the answer on your plots.

Simple answer is yes! When you can no longer mine Ethereum, there are so many other alt coins you can mine with a GPU mining rig, coins such as RVN which is one of our own favourites.

This is something we are actively working on.

Cloud mining is a practice of renting hashrate from a provider who has ownership of a mining farm. There are many scam companies out there that claim they have farms of GPU miners when in reality they are just Ponzi Schemes, be warned!