Direct attached storage boxes to connect to your 432TB Disk Farmer

We are currently working through a design phase on offering an external rack mountable direct attached storage box containing up to 60 disks that will directly connect to a 432TB disk farmer via an external SAS controller. This will build out on the flexibility that your farmer can have in terms of storage potential. With the potential to have up to sixty 18TB hard disks givign you a capacity of up to 1.08PB on top of the 432TB already in the disk farmer it means you have more storage available to farm from.

Whilst this is currently in early research and development phase, we have to address all of our own concerns with such a configuration.

We are also looking at disk farmers that can take 36, 42 and 60 disks also as a single unit, but again this type of design causes us some concerns that we have to address first.