Creating plots can be a long tedious chore, we know this! We have been working on creating something to remove that chore from you and maximise your time farming, so with that……..

FlexiMiners UK Ltd is proud to annouce our new Chia Plotting Service. Using the latest CUDA technology, we can produce plots in a little over a minute allowing us to dedicate systems for pre-plotting disks for customers, or plotting customers existing disks in a bring your own disk approach.

Prices per plot is dependant on how many disks and the size of the disks, plots starts as little as £0.30 per plot. Our plotting platforms can accomodate up to 24 drives, and we can fully plot out 24x18TB drives in as little as 5 days.

Our Pre-Plotted Disks are delivered to you with your unique plots whether you are solo farming or farming as part of a pool, and as far as pools go, Fleximiners highly recommend