We Are A Family Run Business With Experience Spanning Over 25 Years

And we pride ourselves in using that experience to engineer our products with you, our customers in mind.

What started off in the Mid-90's as building computer systems for schools transitioned to network servers, network installations, custom built gaming PCs, storage systems, virtualisation and cloud as well as crypto mining and farming rigs and with over 10 years experience in the crypto mining industry we certainly know a thing or two when it comes to mining and farming crypto currencies.

We are one of the UK leading Crypto Mining Rig and Crypto Farming Rig Specialists and we specialist in developing new platforms to optimise on power, cooling and return of investment.

  • 25+ years experience in IT
  • 10+ years experience in Crypto Mining
  • Design and Build
  • Leaders in Proof of Time and Space Cryptos

Baby Steps

From the original design we had back in 2011 to where we are now has been a great journey

01 Original 2011 rig

No bells and whistles, just got the job done

02 Field Test

With rigs for friends and familly we tested different designs and optimisations

03 Today

Experience and Knowledge shaped the design

Our Journey

Our journey from IT through to Crypto


FlexiMiners UK Ltd was formed

Business conception

The FlexiMiners business conception was talked about with the familly based on the success of previously built rigs for friends/familly

Prototype Rigs

We built some protoype rigs for friends and familly to be deployed out and field tested

Started Mining

First started in the crypto mining space

Virtualisation and Cloud

Providing services to customers around Virtualisation and Cloud Computing as well as Software Defined

Customised Gaming PCs

Designing and Building high-end customised gaming PC systems for customers

PCs and Servers

Building systems for schools and businesses, networking installs, software